eb 5 Visa Conference India - Citizenship & Residency Summit, Expo & Show



Preeya Malik

Managing Director, Step Global

“Its actually been a great experience at IREX this year. We have been non-stop meeting potential investors, people who want to immigrate and we literally did not have a second to sit down. So I would say that’s a good experience.”

Tatyana Cilia

Head of Malta Operations & Managing Director, Prospera Europe

“Very very positive experience at IREX 2019. We met some investors and channel partners. The panel discussion was good too and the event is quite organized. Its a good concept of property and investment immigration services been combined together. I am pleased that we decided to participate here.” 


Thiru Vengadam

Vice President and Country Manager, Concorde EB-5 Advisors, LLC

“This is the first time we are participating  and I think it’s a great opportunity for us to be here. This is a great opportunity, great crowd here, we weren’t really expecting as many people and its not general crowd visiting, I think it’s a quality audience that you have brought in. Great Job!”

Alexander V Berenstain

CEO, Vital Developers

“Experience was very good. We meet lot of people, potential customers, agents and direct customers. Its great.” 


Prashant Ajmera

Advocate & Indian Immigration Lawyer, Ajmera Law Firm

“A fantastic show. The quality of the people who has come to this show is fabulous, serious people, serious businessman, the turnout of the people who are coming to this show is great.” 

Varun Singh

Managing Director, Xiphias Immigration

“The experience is wonderful. We have not seen such kind of crowd where we have finished with all our inventories the first day itself. We got a variety of good enquiries. The quality and quantity of the crowd was amazing as well as the arrangements were fantastic.”


Mohammed Asaria

Founder & Managing Director, Range Developments

“IREX has been a fantastic exhibition. It has far exceeded our expectations, there have been literally thousands of people here we have lost our voices by speaking to so many people and a fantastic conference at the same time. The platform is great for consumers because he has 30 booths he can visit and make an informed decision.”  

Pasi Marjamaki

Director of Sales & Marketing, Silversea House Co. Ltd.

“Its actually been much better than I was expecting so we are very happy. The show was mostly visited by investors and also some looking for holiday home which is good as well.”


Hugo Pinto

Executive Golden Visa Consultant, IR Group

“The experience at IREX was very good since we received a lot of clients here looking for visas or investment. We are surprised to see the turnout, its way more than what we were expecting.” 

Mehmet Fatih Kara

CEO & Owner, Alterra Worldwide

“Its been a phenomenal experience at IREX 2019. We have received alot of attention from the visitors and its been extremely busy. We are particularly very happy with how efficient the organization of the event is and how well the organizers have designed everything for our comfort and it’s the right platform for direct communication with the client.” 


Matt Mahaney

Chief Legal Officer and Managing Director, PCEG, Invest America

“Its been a great event, we have had really good set of potential investors that visited our booth asking great questions. The panel discussion has been the best so far amongst all conferences we have attended. Its been a great experience for all of us. I think its great that IREX 2019 brings in so many countries so that people have many options to explore under one roof. Definitely we will be here again.” 

Matt Hogan

Vice President of Project Development, CMB Regional Centers

“It has far way exceeded our expectations. We had unbelievable traffic at our booth, very high quality people coming around asking great questions. Its been fantastic”  


Mark Davies

Global Managing Partner and Founder, Davies & Associates

“Its been great I have come before and I think this year it is specially good.”  

Madonna Lomidze

Sales manager, Chr. Athanasiou Constructions & Developments

“It has been a great experience visiting New Delhi and IREX. It was really busy throughout making a lot of contacts with investors and agents and different industry professionals. We have had a lot of opportunities with Indians so definitely it was great for us.”


Jonathan Santiago

Vice President, Magic Developments

“The experience has been wonderful. We meet several serious buyers. Thank you so much for the opportunity.”

Hassan Ahmed

Manager of Sales, Arabic Region, V2 Developments

“It was very busy and experience is nice the event exceeds our expectations and we are very happy. Definitely will be participating again at IREX show next year.”


George Chrysochos

Director, Cyfield Group of Companies

“This is the first time at IREX and we are very happy. We have been very busy and we are very happy with the response and the exhibition. The timing of the show is right and we will be here again next year.”

Gary Gulati

L.R.E.A & Auctioneer, Waratah Estate Agents, Geocon Group

“We had underestimated the amount of footfall that has actually come in at IREX. The footfall has been amazing, the number of genuine investors, the quality of crowd we received was unexpected. We actually are overwhelmed by the response.”


Craig Hutchins

Sales Manager, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City, District One

“The event is amazing. IREX is an incredible platform to meet potential investors and it is a pleasure for us to come to India, be a part of IREX and connect with channel partners.”

Christos Vardikos

Managing Partner, Vardikos & Vardikos

“This is my first time that I come to your venue and I find it very interesting. There was a lot of people, a lot of interest for all the markets. Very well organized.”


Ashutosh Mittal

India Managing Director, American Lending Center

“It’s a great experience at IREX 2019. We had an excellent gathering, I am glad with the kind of response we are getting from the crowd. We see lot of people with serious intentions of moving abroad and they are talking real and making business sense so I think its great opportunity and looking at the quality of crowd, it’s a great event so far.”

Amir Khawaja

Director & Officer in Effective Control, Gambit Property

“I attend IREX last year and it was a very good experience but this year the event is bigger and the quality of crowd is even better than last year. Very happy to participate again.”