Testimonial - Citizenship Conclave



Grigoris Stergioulis

President & CEO, Enterprise Greece, Greece

“It is my first time in India at IREX. We met more than 200 people today interested in our visa, interested in running their business in Greece, interested to do things together and vice versa. We thank the organisers for this opportunity and we promise to be back.”

Pauline Gallagher

Vice President Private Clients, Domenica Group, Cyprus

“The level of interest in both immigration generally but also in Cyprus has been absolutely huge. We have been busy all day, its been so many people coming to talk to us. Not only the level of interest but they seem more informed, they know what they want and it is more specific about the lifestyle and its been good to be able to share with them that what they can have from the Cyprus program. I think the way the event has been organised is absolutely perfect.” 


Tony Smith

Broker Associate, Homebuyer Advisor LLC, USA

“This has been the most wonderful experience of my life. IREX has been an eye opening and the attendees are well versed and I am incredibly impressed with the knowledge and everything that all the attendees have brought to this convention.”

Mona Jalota

Founder & MD, Krypton Global Investments

“We are inundated with customers so it has been a good experience so far. It has been very compactly and very well organised as usual I must say. One of our clients actually ran out of visiting cards so thats a very good sign for us.” 


Pedro Santos Gomes

Lawyer , CRMA, Portugal

“IREX has been a good experience. This is my first time here in New Delhi and we have had good contacts today and good experience and we hope that tomorrow we will have better and more people interested. I hope to come to next exhibition. India is a great market with good potential for Portugal and our services.” 

Christian Numa

Director, Amity Property Group, Australia

“We have been pleasantly surprised with the type of people coming in to contact us. it has been great so far to meet a lot of new people and a lot of new contacts and now it is on us to continue and foster those relations to see what business we can get out of it. We obviously hope that these contacts would go a lot further and result in mutual business for us and our clients.” 


Nishant Siwal


“People are really curious to know about the functions of EB5. I was not expecting so many people coming over to us but they have so many questions and they are really learning and I think you guys have given them a really big exposure towards these overseas migration. It was really great and I am really excited.”  

Anshul Gupta

Director, Augment Group, Australia

“It has been an amazing experience. We are a firm from Australia basically and this is our first event in Delhi. IREX is the best platform we could have ever looked for. We are getting enormous response from the clients.”  


Amir Khawaja

Director, Gambit Property, Australia

“It has been a good show and the experience has been amazing. We got a chance to meet and interact with a lot of local high net worth individuals looking to invest overseas.”  

Stuart Leslie

International Sales & Marketing Director, Barratt London, London

“IREX has been fantastic. We have met a broad range of investors, brokers and everyone from the property industry in India. We have had a great insight into the Indian real estate industry. We are getting very good connections, very good business opportunities and we are excited about these opportunities.” 

Abhinav Lohia

Abhinav Lohia

Director, India and the Middle East, CanAm Enterprises, USA

“This conference has been really great and it is actually better than what we had expected. Indian market for international immigration is growing and thats why we see a lot of interest at the show.”  

Bhavesh Lakhani

Founder, Path Migration, Australia

“We had a very great time in the Conclave. We have had a lot of interest from the people wanting to migrate to Australia, so it has been very successful. If we are invited again, we would definitely look to come again. It has been a great opportunity for us.”  

Bhavesh Lakhani_Path Migration
Noor Mohamad

Noor Mohamad

Relationship Manager, Migrate World, Dubai

“We are going to be keen on considering attending next year because the calibre of the people and quality of the investors, agents, everything was prepared well and overall we had a good experience. I want to thank the organisers for all their hardwork.”  

Dr. Gianela Farrugia

Advocate and Legal Consultant, SMM Malta

“I am very pleased to be at the Conclave as one of the main sponsors of the event. I think this has been a very good experience. I am very impressed with the response that we are having for Malta and Malta citizenship and residency programs. A lot of investors are interested in re-locating into Malta and re-locating their business in Malta and having a family in here. Yes definitely would look forward to the next edition.”

Dr. Gianella Farrugia
Reinuka Bhatia

Reinuka Bhatia

Country Manager UAE, Leptos Estates, Cyprus

“It is our first time that we have participated here and I see a lot of flow of people coming in and talking about residency and investment which gives us a lot of positivity and I see a lot of quality people coming in here with a very healthy conversation and very healthy questions and answers that they are asking us. The event was very busy let us hope that we take some good business and go from here.”

Prashant Ajmera

Indian Lawyer & Canadian Citizen, Law office of Ajmera, India

“We have really met good and genuine investors looking into the Residency and Citizenship programs.”

Prashant Ajmera