eb 5 Visa Conference India - Citizenship & Residency Summit, Expo & Show
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About the Conclave

IREX Residency & Citizenship Conclave is a unique platform that offers various options and prospects of citizenship and residency across the world to Indian residents. The Conclave brings together Residency & Citizenship consultants, legal consultants, government bodies, property developers and other stakeholders under one roof.

Launched by the organisers of International Real Estate Expo (IREX), the global immigration summit will have participants from Cyprus CanadaPortugal Malta, Spain, Greece, Turkey, CaribbeanAustraliaNew Zealand and EB5 companies from USA that offer citizenship/residency by investment.

India has the largest emigrant population in the world. As per the Indian Ministry of External Affairs report, there are approximately 30.8 million Indian diaspora residing outside India. The number of HNI Indians who are looking for foreign residency and citizenship is rising with India having the second highest millionaire outflow in the world.


  • Showcase International Residency & Citizenship programs to potential Indian investors from all over India.
  • Gain exposure to 2,000+ quality visitors from all over India and generate leads.
  • Get on the spot interest of your International Residency & Citizenship program.
  • Create brand awareness & media exposure in the fast growing Indian market.
  • Top International Residency & Citizenship agencies have already confirmed their participation in this citizenship conference.
Residency conference
  • An opportunity to market residency & citizenship programs to elite clientele and top tier investors in India.
  • A platform for immigration consultants, legal consultants, government bodies, property developers and other stakeholders to showcase their programs to Indian HNI's.
  • Participation from leading immigration, EB5 and real estate companies from USA, Canada, Australia, Caribbean Islands, UK, UAE, Cyprus, Turkey, Malta, Mauritius, Portugal and Greece.
  • Exhibiting and speaking opportunities for international immigration & EB5 companies.
  • Agenda of the conference: Global citizenship/residency scenario along with various financial and legal implications to gain foreign citizenship.
  • Expected footfall of 1000+ quality visitors which include pre-registered investors, immigration consultants, law firms, wealth advisors, investment consultants, international government bodies and industry experts.
  • Previous shows have had participation from CMB Regional Centers, Vardikos & Vardikos, Donoso & Partners LLC, First Pathway Partners, Golden Gate Global, CS Global Partners, Pafilia Property Developers, Houston EB5, Atlantic American Partners, Invest America, PKF Malta, Citizen Lane and many more
Immigration conference asia
  • Overview on the Growing Market for Residency and Citizenship
  • Identifying the drivers for Investment Migration
  • Competitive Analysis of Citizenship-by-Investment Programs and Residency through Investment
  • Changing Face of EB-5 and its impact on investors
  • Golden Visa - Immigration landscape in Europe
  • Importance of Lifestyle, Safety & Security and Political Stability for considering Citizenship/ Residency Programs
  • Panel Discussions on Golden Visa and EB5 program of US

  • International Real Estate Developers linked with Citizenship/Residency Programs from EU, USA, UK, UAE, Caribbean Islands etc.
  • American EB5 Projects and Regional Centers
  • International Immigration agents and law firms from EU, USA, UK, UAE, Caribbean Islands etc.
  • International Investment Consulting Firms
  • Personal Financial Planning Consultants
  • State & Local Government / Associations / Chambers

  • Pre-registered HNWIs (High-net-worth individuals)
  • International Investors
  • Immigration Consultants
  • Law Firms
  • Wealth Managers & Chartered Accountants
  • Investment Consultants/Advisors
  • International Government bodies
  • Relevant Embassy Officials
  • Members of industry associations
  • Approved/accredited consultants
Immigration conference asia

Current Exhibitors

Highlights of Recent Edition - IREX Mumbai 2022

  • The conclave was held at The St. Regis Hotel, Lower Parel, Mumbai in April 2022
  • The Conclave had participation from more than 20 leading immigration, EB5 and real estate companies from USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Portugal, Greece, Mauritius and Caribbean Islands.
  • A panel discussion on 'Global Investment Opportunities' was conducted moderated by Sonal Bhutra, TV News Anchor and Senior Research Associate, CNBC TV 18.
  • Overwhelming response from visitors, the show was visited by 1000+ quality visitors, out of which 70% were direct investors and the balance 30% consisted of industry experts , agents , advisors , consultants etc.
  • An EB5 Experts Discussion on 'The Recent EB5 Reauthorization- Future Prospects & Opportunities' was held lead by Mark Davies, Managing Partner, Davies & Associates.
  • CNBC Network 18 was the official Television Partner of the show.

Show Reel of IREX 2022, Mumbai


CNBC Coverage of IREX 2022, Mumbai


Exhibitor Testimonials 2022, Mumbai


Panel Discussion at IREX 2022, Mumbai


EB5 Experts Panel at IREX 2022, Mumbai


  • IREX Residency & Citizenship Conclave will be held in conjunction with the fifth edition of International Real Estate Expo (IREX), New Delhi.
  • The Conclave will have participation from leading immigration, EB5 and real estate companies from USA, Australia, Caribbean Islands, UK, UAE, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal, Maldives and Greece.
  • V2 Developments, Greece is the Lead Partners, CMB Regional Centre is the Conference Partner and Invest America is the Lanyard & Panel partner of the show.
  • A panel discussion on 'Comparative Analysis of Citizenship & Residency-by-Investment Programs' will take place moderated by Ms Manisha Natrajan, CNBC Network 18.
  • An enlightening discussion on the trending EB-5 and the new regulations is also being conducted with top EB-5 experts moderated by Mr Mark Davies, Daves & Associates, 'EB5: the final call ...... everything you need to know from the experts'.
  • The show will be visited by 1500+ quality visitors from all over India, out of which 70% will be direct investors and 30% will be industry experts , agents , advisors , consultants etc.
  • Show taking place in conjunction with the 5th edition of International Real Estate Expo 2019.


Indian Market Scenario

  • India ranks 1st in the world’s best performing wealth markets, 2016-2017.
  • Under the wealth growth forecast by country 2017-2027, India is expected to be on the 4th position with a growth of 200% which is highest in the world.
  • India stands 3rd in billionaire headcount in the world and is expected to triple in the next 10 years.
  • India ranks 2nd among the countries with large outflows of HNIs in 2017. The recorded figure was 7000 last year.
  • 48% of country's wealth is held by Indian HNIs and they prefer moving to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe & UAE.
  • In 2017-2018, Indians remitted approximately $8.2 Bn abroad and this is bound to increase in coming years.
  • India is the sixth wealthiest country in the world with total wealth of $8230 Bn.

Indian Diaspora

Investment Immigration Summit India


  • An opportunity to meet international immigration companies and explore international residency & citizenship programs.
  • Participation from immigration & citizenship companies from UK, Cyprus, Canada, Mauritius, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Turkey, Caribbean & EB-5.
  • A 2 day event on 9-10 September 2022 (Friday – Saturday) at Le Meridien, New Delhi from 10am - 6pm.
  • A conference on global citizenship/residency scenario along with various financial and legal implications to gain foreign citizenship will take place on the first day at 11am-5pm.
  • Presentations by individual immigration companies and consultants, legal and financial experts and foreign government bodies to invited HNIs at the conclave.
  • Incase you are interested in to network with international immigration companies or attain international citizenship or residency, this show is a must visit.



9 – 10 September, 2022Friday & Saturday | 10am - 6pm

  • Le Meridien New Delhi located in the heart of Delhi. This 5-star hotel is an epitome of world-class architecture, cuisine, design and fashion. Le Meridien is readily accessible to the city's important facilities and institutions. The glass building is surrounded by ministries, government institutions, Media Centre and historical monuments. The shopping hubs Connaught Place and Janpath Market are within walking distance from the hotel. The hotel hosts a series of luxury events, conferences and exhibitions.
Citizenship expo venue

About the Organisers

GMN Road Shows & Events

GMN Road Shows & Events is India’s leading event organiser that provides industry with multiple platforms which bring together buyers and sellers from around the world through a portfolio of exhibitions, conferences & seminars and content led shows.

GMN organises events that connect people and businesses to share information, gain inspiration and secure new business. GMN helps government, institutions and companies build profitable alliances, create value and drive commercial success. GMN provides premier platforms for hosting and promoting innovations in the industry and creating better business networking opportunities among decision makers.

GMN Road Shows & Events is part of GMN Media Pvt. Ltd. which is India’s leading international media representation and marketing company. GMN team consists of young and dynamic professionals with expertise in conceptualisation, planning and on-site management.


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